Rules of Negotiating

Want To Learn The Rules Of Negotiating?

In this series of videos, you will learn about 7 rules to follow when negotiating your next home purchase.

These are:  #1 Never put your best offer first, #2 Develop a good relationship with the cooperating agent,

#3 Know when to walk away, #4 Know what the seller wants, #5 Know your market,

#6 Get a home inspection and #7 Ask for it!

These rules are outlined in the 7 videos below


Negotiating Rules #1 Never Put Your Best Offer First

Negotiating Rules #2 Develop A Good Relationship With The Cooperating Agent

Negotiating Rules #3 Know When To Walk Away

Negotiating Rules #4 Know What The Seller Wants

Negotiating Rules #5 Know Your Market

Negotiating Rules #6 Get A Home Inspection

Negotiating Rules #7 Ask For It!