Newsletter #4 – Casting Out Clutter

Here’s Why Some Homes

Take So Long To Sell—And

What To Do About It

Dear Home Seller,

Did you ever wonder why some homes sit on the market unsold for what seems like forever?

The most important factors that will determine whether a house will sell quickly happen in the time before the house ever goes on the market.

Did you know homes that sell quickly almost always sell for more money than homes that sit on the market for several months?

It’s true, and the most important factor in selling quickly for top-dollar is pricing your home at the optimal price.

One of the free services I offer is a “Comparative Market Analysis”, which gives you a precise range of pricing for your home – based on your home and its position in today’s market conditions.

If you would like I can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for you.

Just give me a call at 731-607-0118 or email me at and we can arrange a convenient time to get together.

Talk to you soon…

Tim Crane



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Newsletter 4 – Casting Out Clutter