Newsletter #2 – Light Is For The Living

What To Do Now If

You’d Like To Buy A Bigger House

In The Next 6 Months

Dear Homeseller,

Did you know that right now you can buy a bigger home that sells for thirty or fifty thousand dollars more than the house you’re in now, for less than a few hundred dollars more each month?

It’s true, and with some of the new home loans available right now, you may even be able to buy a bigger house and have lower monthly payments than you do right now!

If you have been thinking about getting a bigger house, but don’t know for sure how much homes are selling for I’d be happy to send you some information and printouts of homes in any area you’d like.

I do this all the time — especially for people who would like a bigger house, but don’t exactly know where to start.

Just give me a call 731-607-0118 or email at and Let me know what areas you’re interested in (even if it’s out of town), and I’ll put it all together for you…

Talk to you soon…

Tim Crane



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Newsletter 2 – Light Is For The Living