Newsletter #11 – Creative Use of Color

I Started Looking For

The Buyer For Your House

180 Days Ago…


Dear Home Seller,

If you’re going to be selling your house in the next 6 months, what you might not realize is that the new buyer for your house is already starting to look for homes.

Every month we have hundreds of calls from people who are just now starting to look for homes and are calling us for helpful information.

We help these buyers by sending them updates on all the homes that come on the market (and homes that are not yet on the market).

That’s where we may be able to help you sell your house for top price in as little as 24 hours – without even putting it on the market.

Right now, we have several buyers who are looking for homes in our area, and we’re constantly looking for just the right homes for them.

If you’d like me to include your house in our exclusive “Silent Market” -just give me a call at 731-607-0118 or email me at and I can explain exactly how it works.

Talk to you soon!

Tim Crane



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Newsletter 11 – Creative Use of Color